Dance, Fitness, Music, Cross Training… connect the dots!

Summer 2014 just flew by! After our BDM Recital in June, (which by the way was exceptionally “fantastic”) we shifted gears and jumped in to our Musical Theatre camps, Dance camps & Dance Intensive program during the month of July. Then, hello August… which was spent doing basic cleaning, maintenance, and preparations for our Studio opening in September. Oh, almost forgot to mention…  we now have Marley dance flooring in Studio A, thanks to an anonymous donation. What can I say, we’re loved here at BDM 

So all in all a very busy, yet very productive summer here at the Studio. Now, we’re back in to the swing of things at the Beaches Dance and Music Studio, and I have to say it feels great! Classes started up again on Sept 8th, and boy oh boy the place is jumpin’! With some new classes in both our Music & Dance department, our students and teachers are off to a great year.

As always our BDM staff are educating all  of our students to understand the importance of how music, dance and fitness are all connected. As well, how the benefits of the ‘Arts’ to children are very important. Just to name a few of these benefits: health,  physical activity, cross training for sports, learning the history of certain art forms, self esteem, self confidence, stress relief, learning how music & dance compliment each other, and simply… enjoying being a part of the ‘Arts World’. When one connects all of these things, it helps us achieve a deeper understanding and love of what we do here at the Beaches Dance and Music Studio. We’re not just another dance studio, teaching steps to music… but rather a place where we make the connection between how music makes us feel, the language of our movements, and taking in all the benefits of what we’re learning. As one student put it after her Tap dance class – “That was so much fun, I felt like I was drumming with my feet. I like making music with my feet.. it makes me so happy!”