To better serve you, we  have a convenient monthly payment system. Our monthly auto-payment system will give you the option of either payments with a credit card or post dated checks. This payment system will ensure a simple, hassle free registration process.

There is a two month minimum participation period for all classes. BDM requires a minimum 30 day notice from the 1st of the month in writing to withdraw from any class.  *No withdrawals after January  31st.

BDM Studio requires a minimum 24hrs notice from parents/students in order to inform of an absence from private dance or music lessons.

Yearly registration fee (non refundable) – $40 per family
Trial class $16(non refundable)


Recital fees (non refundable & excluding adult students) – $70/family
This fee is due in January.
*You will receive two free tickets & one free Showcase DVD for your recital fee! Additional recital tickets will be available closer to recital day(all purchased tickets are non-refundable)


Costume fees (non refundable & excluding adult students) – $60(kids 2-3yrs) – $85(kids 4yrs+)
This fee is due in February and will apply per class. Therefore if your child is in more than one class we will add the additional costume fee(s).
*No hassles…. costumes will be measured, sewn and purchased for you!



When any combination of family members registers for various combination of classes the family discount will be applied!
This excludes specialty classes such as Pilates, Yoga, Musical Theatre & Private Lessons.
Discounts as follows:
– Highest priced class will be charged listed fee.
– Second highest priced class will receive a 15% discount.
– All subsequent classes will receive a 20% discount.
Discounts do not appear on registration confirmation, but will be applied and shown on payment receipt.
When registering, please read our policies carefully on the registration page.