Music Lessons @ The Beaches Dance & Music Studio

"Music and Dance, it's like bread and butter... it just goes well together!"

As well as offering our fantastic Musical Theatre Classes, our Music Department also offers private lessons in various instruments for you to choose from... including instruction in guitar, piano, violin, singing, drums and more!

The advantages of registering for both your dance and music lessons under one roof are amazing... check it out!
Less travel time going from one school to another.
More bang for your buck. Save by registering for more than one class!
Easy one time registration.
Learning a musical instrument, as well as taking a dance class most definitely compliment each other in numerous ways.

Our music teachers are highly trained and have extensive experience in teaching all ages.
We can accommodate you whether you are preparing for the Royal Conservatory of Music exams or simply wanting to learn to play your favorite tune.

Music Recitals:
BDM music recitals are held in May.
More information regarding this is distributed once the student is registered.
Our recitals are always very popular and are a great way for students to showcase what they have learned over the course of the year!

Book your Music Lesson!
To book your private music lesson, please contact the Studio for our schedule and to ensure your spot.
Our easy on-line registration & payment system is available once you have confirmed your spot.
*Group music classes will be available but have not yet been scheduled... please contact the Studio for more information*